1What is Firemill?
Firemill is the world's first fire extinguisher powered by a regular carbon dioxide cylinder. It is the same type of carbon dioxide cylinder used in Firemill as the one used in machines to carbonate water.
2Can the Firemill be reused?
Yes, you can reuse Firemill many times - it's really a circular product. You can exchange the carbon dioxide cartridge when it is empty and get a full in return against a small fee.
3Will Firemill replace the powder extinguisher?
Firemill can be used in smaller fires and is a supplement to the powder extinguisher. It does not replace the powder extinguisher
4How does a carbon dioxide extinguisher (CO2) work?
The effect of CO2 is partly that the gas lowers the temperature of the flames and mainly that the gas displaces the oxygen - which is how the fire is extinguished.
5How does Firemill differ from "common" fire extinguishers?
After Firemill has been used, you can easily replace the carbon dioxide cylinder with a new one. The carbon dioxide cylinder used in Firemill is the same type of cylinder used in machines to produce carbonated water - and is available for purchase in most household stores. Fire safety can be improved considerably as it is both easy to practice with your Firemill and it is also easy and cheap to reload the fire extinguisher when used / practiced with. Firemill is designed to stand in the kitchen and can be placed so that it is easily accessible when needed. Time and experience are key components for effectively extinguishing fire. Extinguishing is done by directing the top of Firemill towards the fire and then turning the "rotatable" part of the aluminum shell of the fire extinguisher, which causes carbon dioxide to exhale from the fire extinguisher and extinguishes the fire. You can resemble the "twist" of how a pepper mill is used. Because Firemill extinguishes fires with carbon dioxide, it does not destroy interior or food - unlike foam and powder. Carbon dioxide works on most small fires, even those that arise in gas and electrical appliances.
6When should you use Firemill vs powder extinguisher?
Firemill is an effective fire extinguisher that is easy to use and intended for smaller fires in the kitchen. It is important to remember that it does not replace the powder extinguisher - it is intended to be a supplement to it. Firemill is designed for smaller fires in the kitchen and the carbon dioxide in a cylinder lasts for about 10 seconds at full power.
7How do you know how much CO2 it is left?
It is very important to replace the carbon dioxide cartridge in Firemill immediately after using it and / or after testing it. There is no indication on the Firemill how much carbon dioxide remains in the cartridge, so the user must be attentive.
8Why should you use Firemill and not a powder extinguisher?
Carbon dioxide, and especially this "food-grade" carbon dioxide, has the great advantage that it is neither destructive nor toxic. By practicing and by having Firemill close at hand, one never has to hesitate to take early actions to extinguish the fire. Rather use it too much than hesitate and therefore be forced to use more powerful fire extinguishing measures. In many cases, for example, the powder extinguisher is not as easily accessible (it may be located in another room or is left in its packaging) and many tend to hesitate to use the powder extinguisher as it may cause extensive cleaning costs. However, AGA recommends the powder extinguisher as the main fire extinguisher - Firemill is a supplement.